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New option model for partnerships – Part I: System change upon exercising this option

The Act on the Modernisation of Corporation Tax Law (Gesetz zur Modernisierung der Körperschaftsteuer, KöMoG) is likely to become applicable as of […]


Simplification of tax rules for many taxpayers

A tax amendment act that came into force on 9.6.2021 will make life simpler for many taxpayers and provide improved possibilities for deductions.


Private usage of electric and hybrid vehicles

Propulsion technology is getting better and traditional concepts in this respect are being left behind and so, currently, the tax treatment of motor […]


Interest of 6% on tax arrears and tax refunds is unconstitutional

Interest becomes due on tax arrears and tax refunds if 15 months after the end of the calendar year in which the tax liability arose the tax has not […]


Business hospitality expenses – New requirements from the Federal Ministry of Finance

In the Federal Ministry of Finance’s circular, of 30.6.2021, the fiscal authority took into account the developments in digitalisation in the area of […]


Basis rollover (Buchwertfortführung) when gifting stakes in partnerships

The transfer of stakes in commercial partnerships (Mitunternehmerschaften, or co-entrepreneurships) for no consideration is a transaction that, in […]


Renting to close relatives – The average market rent for the local area as an objective benchmark

Income from the letting and leasing of immovable assets and rights also includes, among other things, renting out residential property – frequently at […]


Deduction of input tax despite a free-of-charge contribution

In principle, businesses can deduct as input tax the VAT that is legally due on the supply of goods or other services that have been provided for […]


The double taxation of pensions looms

In a recent ruling from 19.5.2021 (case: X R 33/19), the Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof, BFH) confirmed that the current arrangements for the […]


Partnerships as controlled companies in a consolidated tax group (for VAT purposes)?

In a recent ruling, the ECJ came to the conclusion that the opinion held, up to now, by the Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof, BFH) on the […]

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