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Data abuse fears – Claims for damages after scraping?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brought a lot of uncertainties in its wake, but above all the promise of greater data security, too. […]


The German tax group for VAT purposes is in need of reform – Landmark ECJ judgements

Two referrals by the Federal Fiscal Court (Bundes­finanzhof, BFH) brought before the ECJ the question as to whether or not the German regulation […]


Current accounts – Continued use does not constitute automatic consent to the new GTCs

Many banks and Sparkassen [savings banks] have been trying for months to enforce their new terms and conditions. Recently, the Hanover regional court […]


Recording working hours – The Federal Labour Court has clarified key points

In 2019 already, the ECJ decided that Member States would have to adopt national legislation that would oblige employers to set up a system for […]


Receipt of e-mails within the scope of business dealings – This could be a matter of minutes

These days, correspondence between companies mainly takes place via e-mail. However, you should be aware that e-mails quickly make their way to the […]


The digital legacy – What happens with data after death?

Our lives are increasingly shifting into digital spaces; here, passwords protect access to personal services such as online banking or social […]


Actual implementation of a profit transfer agreement in a consolidated tax group

According to settled case law, a profit transfer agreement (PTA) would only have actually been implemented if the profit that has been determined is […]


Employers only have to remunerate mandatory or approved overtime

Overtime is only paid out if the employer is aware of the additional work that has been performed. In cases of doubt, the employee has to be able to […]


Social security – Thresholds for 2023

Parity financing of health insurance contributions was reintroduced in 2019 and will likewise continue for 2023. Accordingly, employees and employers […]


Legal tech applications for companies

Processes in personnel and legal departments can be digitalised and speeded up by using legal tech. In the following section we outline legal tech […]

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