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Payroll tax deductions when staff are deployed across borders

In the global workplace, and against the backdrop of the current worldwide skills shortage, staff are increasingly being deployed across borders. When […]


Taxation of free-float dividends

Dividend income or profit distributions that a corporation receives from its shareholding in another corporation are generally exempt from corporation […]


Acquisition of the family home – Extent of inheritance tax concession under review

In accordance with the provision of Section 13(1) no. 4c sentence 1 of the Inheritance Tax Act (Erbschaft­steuergesetz, ErbStG), upon succeeding into […]


The German Growth Opportunities Act – Improvements of loss deduction and depreciation options

On 30.8.2023, the Federal Cabinet approved a government draft of the Growth Opportunities Act (Wachs­tumschancengesetz) and thus moved it a step […]


Workroom at home vs. home office blanket allowance

The tax deductibility of the costs and blanket allowances, respectively, for a workroom at home and a home office is to some extent unclear. The […]


New forms of working – ‘Remote Work’ and the ‘Workation’ (Part II: Important aspects of tax and social security law)

In the last article we defined the concepts behind the new forms of working and discussed the relevant aspects of employment law and data protection […]


Workplace health promotion in the fitness studio

Under Section 3 no. 34 of the German Income Tax Act, employers are able to provide an attractive benefit to their employees in the form of tax-free […]


Major changes to international tax law as of 1.1.2024

The Federal Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium der Finanzen, BMF) published a draft omnibus act (Artikelgesetz) through which tax regulations that […]


E-invoicing in Germany – Preparations are required

In a previous article we already had a report on the EU’s VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA) initiative and plans by the EU Commission to […]


Reciprocal sales – Rotating holdings at below their value will not be recognised for tax purposes

Tax saving potential cannot be generated by rotating the holdings of two shareholders in a GmbH [German private limited company] among each other if […]

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