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Increased tax-exempt amount for vocational training – How parents can reduce their tax burden

When children are studying or undertaking vocational training their parents frequently help them out financially. If the child does not live at home […]


Recognition for tax purposes of the costs of studying abroad

A course of study in a foreign country usually entails additional costs. Whether or not and to what extent the costs of studying abroad – especially […]


Child benefit entitlement – Disputes following initial vocational training

The entitlement to child benefit continues to exist even after the child’s 18th birthday and at least until their initial vocational training has been […]


On the pathway to sustainability reporting – Part II: Opportunities and challenges for small and medium-sized companies

In the first of our series of three articles on sustainability reporting, we provided information on the legal foundations and the future changes at […]


A pre-study internship that is an admission requirement is not subject to the Minimum Wage Act

These days, many internships have to be paid at the minimum wage, which is making it difficult for some employers to provide internships. In the […]

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