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Mini jobs – Adjustments to earnings thresholds

The earnings threshold for marginal part-time workers will, in future, be based on a weekly working time of ten hours at minimum wage conditions. The aim of the German government’s draft of an ‘Act to Increase Protection through the Statutory Minimum Wage and to Make Amendments in the Area of Marginal Part-Time Work’ is to implement this proposal.

Accordingly, the upper earnings limit for mini jobs is supposed to go up, on 1.10.2022, from €450 to €520 per month. For so-called midi jobs, the upper limit – below which the contribution rate to the overall social security contribution would be reduced – is supposed to go up, on 1.10.2022, from €1,300 to €1,600. At the same time, the minimum wage is supposed to be increased from, currently, €9.82 to €12 per hour.

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