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Obligation to register in the core energy market data register

The Federal Network Agency’s (Bundesnetzagentur) core energy market data register has been the central register for all energy generation systems since 31.1.2019. Operators of photovoltaic systems, block-type thermal power stations, battery storage systems, CHP plants, wind energy converters or emergency power generators are legally obliged to register themselves and their systems in the register. All systems that are running have to be registered irrespective of when they were commissioned.

This likewise applies to systems that had already been registered in earlier registers as well as to systems that do not receive remuneration. To avoid losing the payments under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG) you will have to comply with the time limits prescribed by the German lawmaker.

  • If the system came on stream before 31.1.2019 then the applicable time limit for registration will be two years (31.1.2021).
  • If the system came on stream after 31.1.2019 then registration will have to take place one month after the commissioning of the system.

Please note: If the reporting obligations are nor fulfilled then fines can be imposed.

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