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Posting of employees to the UK – The legislature has provided post-Brexit clarity

Brexit raises questions about the posting of employees to the UK, too. On 26.3.2021, the Bundesrat [upper house of the German parliament] approved legislation through which the rules for the posting of employees between the EU and the UK would remain in place even after Brexit.

The core of the Act ‘on the notification concerning the rules on the posting of employees in accordance with the Protocol on Social Security Coordination to the Trade and Cooperation Agreement of 30.12.2020’, from 25.3.2021, is to ensure that the previous EU regulations relating to social security arrangements for postings of employees as well as of independent professionals continue to apply in relations with the United Kingdom within the scope of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. 

The continuation of these arrangements means that employees as well as independent professionals who are merely temporarily deployed in another country do not have to switch into the social security system of the other country for a short time and, subsequently, switch back again.

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