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The Bundesrat has approved the German Digital Act - E-prescription & E-patient record

In the course of the digitalisation of the healthcare system, an electronic prescription service (in German: E-Rezept) and electronic patient records (in German: E-Akte) will be implemented as standard in the future. In this respect, on 2.2.2024, the Bundesrat approved two Bundestag resolutions on further digitalisation in the healthcare system. The legislation deals with changes to the usage of the E-Akte and the enhanced use of health data. The aim is to greatly widen the use of digital applications, and to make better use of the available health data for health care provision and research.

E-Rezept is already available and has replaced the pink paper prescription. Since July 2023, it has been possible to call up E-Rezept via the electronic health card. Since 1.1.2024, as a result of the Digital Act (Digital-Gesetz, DigiG), it has been mandatory for physicians to issue prescriptions electronically. Patients get E-Rezept via their health card via a special app, or in the form of a printout with an E-Rezept code.

Another component of the Digital Act is the E-Akte that, from 2025, will generally be set up for all those covered by the statutory health insurance scheme. Those who do not wish to use this will have to opt out. Then, at the press of a button, it will be possible to view an entire medical history in the E-Akte. Findings, X-rays, test results and prescriptions for medications can all be stored there. The aim is to reduce bureaucracy and avoid multiple examinations.

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