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PKF WULF GROUP launches partnership with Digital Suxess AG

PKF WULF GROUP has been able to win Digital Suxess AG as a technical solution provider to manage the digital transformation in tax practice. "This will ensure further growth and our clients will benefit from customized solutions for complex mathematical problems, visualizations of reporting or what-if scenarios" says Martin Wulf. Technological progress in the form of digitalization has received a significant boost, not least because of Corona. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, the networking of IOT (Internet of Things) through 5G, drones, digital ecosystems, 3D printing, augmented reality, blockchain, IOC - Initial Coin Offering, virtual reality or robotics are only a sample of the technologies that are giving rise to new business models and have a considerable impact on our economic life as well as the value chains of our clients.

Focus on two topics: TaxTechnology and LegalTech

This new alliance of business partners primarily focusses on the fields of TaxTechnology and LegalTech. CEO Florian Buschbacher’s team is already working on the development and implementation of digital strategies in this field.

"We are looking forward to a successful partnership with PKF WULF GROUP in order to be prepared for the new challenges of the future, as well as in Digital Product Design and Digital Workflow Design," says Florian Buschbacher. Martin Wulf is proud to be able to confirm to his clients: "Through the close partnership with Digital Suxess AG, we can now support all types of companies in meeting these challenges with digital strategies, digital workflows and real-time analyses as well as digital products, right through to concrete technical implementation."

From now on, medium-sized companies can be networked with start-ups

As the two business partners, PKF WULF GROUP and Digital Suxess AG, already have a close network to the start up scene, they are now additionally able to network medium-sized companies with start ups and generate new business models.

Furthermore, Digital Suxess AG has its own business field for tax consultants, auditors, insolvency administrators and lawyers. Through years of experience in supporting freelancers, IT knowledge is combined to the challenges of the respective professions and optimal solutions can be achieved.

About the person

Florian Buschbacher, CEO

  • Board member at BitKom since 2015 for Big Data (Digital Business Models & Infrastructure) and Artificial Intelligence (Algorithms & Ethics).
  • Board member of Digital Suxess AG (solution provider, digital workflows, high-end analytics, TaxTech, LegalTech, sparring partner for digital strategies)

Florian Buschbacher
CEO Digital Suxess AG




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