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In accounting, the demands on speed, quality and flexibility are constantly increasing. Digitalization is increasing the importance of promptly available, reliable and meaningful data. A modern, efficient accounting system is therefore a basic prerequisite for the long-term success of a company. For strategically oriented corporate planning with future-oriented, strategic decisions, current, reliable data and information prepared in line with requirements are essential.

Annual financial statements are often the basis for decisions made by investors. We therefore prepare high-quality, informative and transparent annual financial statements for you in accordance with the principles of commercial law and company contract requirements. A detailed annual financial statement documents the company's accounting both internally and externally. Depending on the overall situation, we also provide your annual financial statements with a qualified annual financial statement certificate. In combination with a rating, this certificate can lead to significantly more advantageous financing conditions for investors.

We prepare decision-relevant evaluations and reports for you. These documents do justice to the particularities of your company and your industry. They provide answers to the questions of decision-makers, deliver a valid, up-to-date basis of figures and are directed towards the future. We prepare meaningful evaluations in a timely manner, in which we not only include the past, but can also develop future-oriented instruments for corporate planning for you. Our evaluations also comply with the requirements that exist in the international environment. For international groups we offer the complete handling of financial accounting and prepare reports according to international standards in the group or national language.

Digitalization also takes a significant part in the success of accounting. We have almost exclusively digital accounting - without paper, shuttle folders and postal transit times. Incoming invoices are transmitted to us in encrypted form and then transferred directly to our accounting system using intelligent document recognition. The proportion of bookings that have to be reprocessed manually decreases significantly as the amount of data increases. Bank payments are transferred to our accounting system and automatically assigned to open receivables and payables. The digitization of accounting significantly reduces the probability of incorrect bookings.

If you do not yet book digitally, we will support you in the process of conversion. We have been awarded the "Digital Firm" award by DATEV for the second year in a row and are therefore your competent contact for digital accounting.

Our service portfolio


  • Accounting "full service": standard software DATEV or Addison with a high proportion of automatic bookings
  • Accounting "Light": Clients with low booking volumes or Start-ups; together with our cooperation partners we can offer very favorable conditions in this area
            Sevdesk Partner
            Candis Partner
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements
  • Execution of reporting according to the German Commercial Code (HGB) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Consolidation and preparation of group reporting and consolidated financial statements according to HGB and IFRS
  • Preparation of the annual audit
  • Commercial management, especially in the field of renewable energies
  • Electronic payment transactions incl. automatic assignment to open receivables and payables

Company Management

  • Liquidity management
  • Reporting / Cost accounting
  • Receivables management incl. legal support
  •  Budgeting and planning

Our monthly payroll services include:

  • Recording of monthly wage and salary data
  • Preparation of trial accounts (e.g. for advance or subsequent payments)
  • Preparation of payroll for all employees
  • Preparation and transmission of the income tax return
  • Preparation and transmission of social security contribution statements
  • Notification to the employers' liability insurance association
  • Notification for the severely disabled compensation levy

PKF success stories

Our locations in Balingen and Augsburg have already received the coveted DATEV "Digital Firm" award several times. 


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