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The automotive industry is by far the most important industrial sector in Germany. Baden-Wuerttemberg - with the invention of the automobile in 1885 by Carl Benz - is considered a pioneer of the industry and is still one of the most important metropolitan areas in the automotive sector today. The automotive industry is an important driver of economic growth.

The topics of digitalization, electromobility and autonomous driving are forcing the automotive industry to adopt strategic realignments. In times of historically unique upheaval, both manufacturers and, in particular, Baden-Wuerttemberg's small and medium-sized supplier businesses must keep pace in order to keep Germany's flagship industry on track. A competent and industry-experienced SME consultant is therefore crucial - only those who shine with reliable financial data and tax risk optimization can successfully master the upheaval.

Our service portfolio


  • National and international taxation strategies
  • Tax structuring consulting with special attention to international tax law, in particular on questions of legally secure structuring of transfer prices in international groups of companies
  • Transaction advice, in particular financial and tax due diligence support
  • External audits and enforcement of rights in fiscal court, e.g. the VAT treatment of warranty processing or the accounting treatment of tooling cost subsidies
  • Preparation and negotiation of financing concepts
  • Working capital management


  • Audit of annual and consolidated financial statements according to HGB or IFRS; incl. personal final meeting
  • Group reporting according to HGB or IFRS
  • Audit of compliance management systems (including IDW PS 951), internal control systems and risk management systems

Industry Issues

  • Valuation of provisions for onerous contracts
  • Use and inventory of consignment stocks
  • Valuation of inventory assets, determination of marketability devaluations

Strong network

Through our memberships with industry experts, we always follow the latest industry developments and know your issues.


PKF success stories

Trend-setting commitments in the accounting for tooling cost subsidies and obligations from partial retirement.



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