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My motivation:

"For us, digitization means being more successful."
(Ralph Setzer)

The PKF WULF GROUP believes that digitization offers great opportunities in the form of potential efficiency gains - be it in the handling of internal business processes or in the digital exchange with our clients. If "declaratory" activities such as tax returns and annual financial statements are already largely automated through the use of new technologies due to the high degree of standardization, there is a shift within the spectrum of activities towards knowledge-intensive activities. In many industries, the specific requirements in business and tax law are increasing.

It is similarly important for tax consultants and auditors to be able to access data at any time and any place. The demand from our clients for digital solutions is also increasing. Since we have already automated a large number of processes and recurring tasks are controlled digitally, we can take care of our clients' wishes, which help determine the success of their business. Big Data means great opportunities for tax consulting and auditing. For example, holistic analyses are made possible in the shortest possible time, which previously would not have been possible or only at great expense. This enables us to make precise recommendations for action more quickly. Digital collaboration with our clients also has a social quality. The database, which is accessible to all participants, brings consultants and clients to a common level of knowledge.

Our internal office organization has already been carried out for many years in a document management system (DMS). This ensures that all employees have access to all documents. The automation of the digitally available data therefore brings significant benefits. Thanks to a wide range of import options, the systems are particularly flexible and facilitate collaboration within the team as well as with our clients. With OCR text recognition, indexing is fully automated and documents can be scanned for specific content in seconds.

The current generation of potential employees and successors expects a contemporary firm positioning.


"Anyone who makes their firm more digital these days is not doing so to save on personnel costs," said Raoul Riedlinger, president of the German Chamber of Tax Advisors, in an interview with Handelsblatt.

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