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Succession planning

Making company succession perfect

Company succession MUST be planned early to ensure a sustainable solution. Different strategic options are available to you in this case. In order for you to maintain an overview, we offer you as a company the best possible advice and support in this area.

Trust in many years of experience

Donation and inheritance contracts are a challenge for many companies. Ask us your question, we will answer it personally with competence, expertise and many years of experience as well as in legal advice with the competence of our cooperation partners. You can also place international company succession in our hands. Plan well in advance, because the cross-generational preservation of assets is an important safeguard for the complete corporate structure.

We use modern tools to analyze your potential. With our help, you can rely on the best conditions and ensure a secure continuation of the business. The specifically organized company succession also avoids family as well as company conflicts, which could affect the company and damage it economically.

Our experts at PKF WULF GROUP will show you how to keep the tax burden on your heirs as low as possible, how to set up a family company or transfer your assets to a foundation.

Our service portfolio

  • International as well as national company succession
  • Foundation responsibility (within succession planning)
  • Inheritance and donation tax in optimized state
  • Executions of wills

These points represent only a small excerpt from our large and extensive portfolio. Company succession should guarantee and maintain your economic and private security in the long term. Use our consulting services and benefit from our competent auditors and tax experts. We help you to recognize facilitations and advantages in the succession of your company, to use them and to observe the various obligations.

Trust in our expertise.

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