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My motivation:

" Outsourcing of accounting leads to an optimization of the company's management."
(Ralph Setzer)


Successful business management is based on mastering numerous, different challenges. Outsourcing accounting with various commercial processes creates freedom that allows you as an entrepreneur to concentrate fully on your core tasks.

With a variety of controlling instruments, modern accounting provides reliable information for future-oriented corporate management and on the existential question: "How do I keep the numbers under control?"

Outsourcing in accounting is also important in connection with the issue of security from the compliance perspective. The growing, often already unmanageable number of regulations and legal issues gives rise to risks whose effects can entail high costs. Outsourcing - in whole or in part - can relieve you of this bureaucracy. We have profound knowledge of tax-related legal issues and can therefore minimize your risks.

Digitalization requires a modern accounting system. In addition to reliable data, this must also be available in a timely manner in order to recognize current developments and to be able to control them at an early stage if necessary. Automatic interfaces, electronic inboxes and electronic data storage (e.g. via cloud services) make electronic data exchange much easier in outsourcing.

Payroll accounting and salary statements, with the corresponding notifications and proofs, involve a considerable amount of work and require an ever-increasing amount of specialized knowledge. We take over the payroll accounting for you with specially trained employees - from support with special individual questions to the completion of all accounting processes and notifications. The use of modern accounting software in payroll accounting makes fast and cost-effective processing possible. By outsourcing payroll and salary accounting, you save on personnel and material costs in the company and gain legal certainty for tax purposes.

With our experts from the PKF WULF GROUP, we are at your side as an efficient partner for the outsourcing of your accounting and create freedom so that you can concentrate fully on your core tasks.

Our service portfolio

Office Application at PKF


  • Option 1: PKF standard software DATEV or Addison, in addition, choice of accounting "Full Service" vs. "Light Service" - depending on individual needs
  • Option 2: existing FiBu system of the client
  • Support in the preparation of invoices or delivery bills
  • Controlling
  • Receivables management

Payroll and salary accounting

  • Payroll accounting for all employees using our PKF standard software DATEV or Addison or also in the client's system
  • Accompaniment of wage tax and social security audits
  • Q&A Special: 10 questions and answers about payroll outsourcing.

Transfer of the data to PKF

  • Data transfer via DATEV or Addison via interface
  • no time effort for our clients

Inhouse at the client

If direct and personal contact with accounting is important to you, we also offer our "in-house" service.  In this case, you can choose between option 1 - the use of our PKF standard software DATEV or Addison - and option 2 - the use of your current FiBu system - and we will prepare a customized offer for you and advise you whether it is still worth using your own system.


PKF success stories

Our locations in Balingen and Augsburg have already received the coveted DATEV "Digital Firm" award several times. 


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