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Transaction consultancy

There are many reasons for corporate transactions. In addition to external motivations such as concentration on core competencies, the conquest of new markets, competitive influences, customer requirements or the start-up boom, internal motivations such as securing the company's existence or succession issues also come into consideration for the purchase and sale.

The buyer usually has strategic considerations underlying the transaction, such as achieving growth targets or tapping into new competencies and technologies.

For the vendor, the crucial question is who is the right purchaser for one's life's work.

For medium-sized companies in particular, the actual execution of the acquisition is a process outside the normal course of business and therefore a special challenge. Unlike large companies, which often employ their own M&A department, transactions for medium-sized companies usually represent an unusual, new and often unfamiliar situation. Corporate transactions are time-intensive, one-off projects that can take the company away from its operating business.

Corporate transactions offer opportunities and at the same time entail risks. In order to take advantage of the opportunities and minimize the risks, an experienced advisor is required who competently accompanies the entire transaction process from the planning and structuring phase to the execution of a due diligence with subsequent conclusion of the contract and the corresponding implementation.

PKF WULF GROUP offers comprehensive transaction advisory services for vendors and purchasers in Germany and abroad. You benefit from our many years of expertise in advising on the sale or purchase of companies. In cross-border transactions, we access our worldwide network PKF International as far as foreign taxes are concerned.

PKF WULF GROUP regularly advises on national and cross-border transactions. In doing so, we offer comprehensive transaction advice with our respective specialist teams of tax advisors, auditors and lawyers. Our overall concept includes all financial, tax and legal components of transaction advice. As advisors to medium-sized companies, we are your competent partner.

Our service portfolio

Company acquisition "Buy Side“

Aim: To increase the profitability of the investment through optimal tax structuring.

  • comprehensive tax due diligence
  • support during contract negotiations with regard to tax risks
  • subsequent integration into the structure of the acquirer for the purpose of tax optimization
  • tax assertion of the purchase price and/or financing costs
  • Holding arrangements and choice of legal form

Company sale "Sell Side"

  • comprehensive vendor tax due diligence
  • tax structuring of the process in advance
  • determination of a sales price
  • tax-optimized collection of the purchase price
  • Forms of structuring to avoid real estate transfer tax
  • Utilization of loss carryforwards and creation of depreciation potential
  • Design of a succession solution
  • Creation of business plans
  • Data room management 



  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Company valuation
  • Preparation of a purchase price allocation (PPA) 


Completed transactions

The PKF WULF GROUP has successfully completed well over 50 more complex transactions in recent years, including:

  • Acquisition of Invision AG from Reisenthel Accessoires: Financial and Tax Due Diligence and Tax Structure
  • Sale of Alete Group: financial and tax due diligence and tax structure
  • Acquisition of wind park companies: Financial and tax due diligence for various national and international transactions
  • Acquisition of printing and publishing companies: Financial and tax due diligence as well as tax structure


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