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International taxation

Tax expertise – full-scale and world-wide

Most companies today are also active in the international context. We support you with international tax expertise in your activities abroad or if you are active as a foreign company in Germany. Cross-border solutions become a decisive competitive advantage for your company.

Through our membership of the international PKF network with 1,450 partners and about 14,000 employees there are tax specialists available worldwide who provide direct access to extensive specialist knowledge and information on current tax developments in the major economic regions. In intensive cooperation with our experts on the spot we work out solutions representing a distinct competitive advantage for your company.

International tax planning

A central topic for our specialists is efficient international tax planning aimed both at German companies with interests abroad and at foreign investors with activities in Germany. The determination of differences in tax systems and rates of tax provides starting points for tax optimisation which can, for example, be achieved via holding companies, licence companies and financing companies. In our concepts questions of the corporate structure play a role just like use of losses, profit repatriation and exit strategies.


International transfer prices

In the case of internationally active companies, the transfer prices for internal supplies and services have a decisive effect on the tax ratio. Frequently these prices are rigidly tested by the fiscal authorities or even completely challenged. We support you with the development and documentation of transfer price models in line with the market and support you in enforcing them vis-à-vis the fiscal authorities.


Exit taxation

Are you planning to move your company's registered office abroad temporarily or permanently? You may be faced with high costs as a result of the exit taxation that will then be incurred. German tax law stipulates that you must pay tax on your hidden reserves in this case. However, there are some ways to avoid or at least reduce this double taxation.

Our experts know the legal requirements by which you can at least cushion the burdens of exit taxation. We advise you on the options available to you to reduce this tax burden. Therefore we prepare business plans, optimize your tax rate and calculate which tax payments you will have to pay in case of a relocation. Please do not hesitate to consult us in time, so that you can start your new business abroad without any tax burden.

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