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International PKF publications

Global expertise.

PKF International and our worldwide partner companies publish a large number of publications, which we would like to make accessible to you here.

Worldwide Tax Guide

PKF International publishes with the Worldwide Tax Guide a unique compendium rich in detail of the most important tax-related basic data of almost all the countries in the world. This worldwide tax guide, the German tax guide and all country specific tax guides are now available online.

Worldwide Tax Update

PKF’s Worldwide Tax Update considers notable tax changes and amendments around the world as well as providing further insight in the PKF commentary.

PKF Transfer Pricing Documentation Standards is intended to give you an initial overview of essential requirements for transfer pricing documentation in important countries regarding ever-recurring questions.


Information on our website is of general nature. Although we try to archive the utmost precision and topicality with great care, the information ought not to be used without professional advice on basis of a careful review of the circumstances in each individual case.

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