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What our clients say about us

"Entrepreneurial responsibility; passionate commitment; excellent quality; individualized and competent; better performance through innovation; safe into the future; boundless engagement."

In our daily work for our clients, the set goal and the solution are always in the foreground.  A cooperation characterized by trust and the associated mutual sympathy provide the team with an appropriate positive framework to reach the goal with best performances. If success is then occasionally rewarded with a tombstone, the job is twice as much fun.

"Strong Growth Needs Power."

"Our company can look back on a very dynamic development. Starting out as a traditional family business, we have grown over time into a medium-sized company group. The development and expansion as well as the dynamics of our industry focus required the adaptation of structures and processes so that operational, strategic and financial aspects could be harmonized and realigned.

Strong growth needs power. In addition to the optimization of capital commitment, the strong growth required selective "turnaround measures". In PKF, we found a partner who worked with us to analyze the processes and the current situation and then supported us in optimizing our cash management. Specific restructuring measures also helped us to realign our business. To this day, PKF supports us in day-to-day implementation - including accompanying us to investor and bank meetings."

Managing director of a logistics company
client of PKF WULF & PARTNER for 6 years

"A dynamic consultant who shares our entrepreneurial spirit."

"Our young company has developed and implemented over 100 digital innovations in the past 5 years together with our business partners. With new ideas and business models, we develop scalable quality with startup speed and turn ideas into real products. To be able to actively advise in our environment, we need a dynamic consultant ourselves who shares our entrepreneurial spirit. We have found this in Christoph Kalmbach and the PKF WULF GROUP and we greatly appreciate the individual, competent and proactive advice. Anyone who turns to the PKF WULF GROUP with their issues always gets a suitable solution and, above all, uncomplicated, fast and reliable!"

Laura Körner-Frank, hatchery GmbH
client of the PKF WULF GROUP for 4 years

"Customized consulting is hard to find these days."

"Quality is our top priority. To achieve this, we allow ourselves a certain amount of luxury. So we are one of the last independent manufacturers in Germany. From knitting and dyeing to making up, warehousing and shipping, we do everything in our own facilities. We want to stick to this, which is why we have to be optimally set up in all sectors.

We succeeded in this with PKF - from successful succession planning in the family to improving the informative value of figures during the year to further business management optimizations in the context of the annual audit, which one would not always necessarily expect from an auditor."

Entrepreneur from the Zollernalbkreis
client of PKF WULF EGERMANN for over 35 years

"Healthy development through prevention.“

"The healthcare industry is one of the most demanding markets for medium-sized businesses. On the one hand, there is an obligation to provide the highest quality, and on the other hand, the market environment is very dynamic and characterized by constant change. The fact that we are able to successfully hold our own here as a full-range supplier for large and small orthopedics, orthopedic shoe technology, rehabilitation technology, homecare and retail is not only due to the commitment of our employees.

The success of our company depends to a major extent on forward-looking decisions. That's why we expect all the consultants and service providers we work with to have solid branch knowledge. In this regard, PKF is the benchmark for us. No other tax advisor or auditor has been able to convince us like this with their expertise. No other has better understood our challenges as entrepreneurs in this industry."

Owner of a medical supply store
client of PKF WULF EGERMANN for 40 years




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