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Private real estate sales in the context of succession cases and own-use

Recently, a number of new court rulings with respect to private sales transactions involving real estate were disclosed. The courts ruled on whether […]


Online Banking - Bank statements should be regularly backed up

These days, bank transactions are being performed more and more frequently via smartphones or PCs. Admittedly, the credit institutions regularly place […]


Tax planning by means of a usufruct in favour of children

The transfer of a source of income to (under-age) children via the establishment of a gratuitous usufruct has to be recognised for tax purposes if no […]


Netflix and Spotify – Price-adjustment clauses are ineffective

In their terms and conditions of use, streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify have granted themselves the right to adjust their prices from […]


Acquisition of the family home – Extent of inheritance tax concession under review

In accordance with the provision of Section 13(1) no. 4c sentence 1 of the Inheritance Tax Act (Erbschaft­steuergesetz, ErbStG), upon succeeding into […]


House sale following a divorce – Transferring half a property can release speculative gains

Recently, the Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof, BFH) decided that a taxable private capital gain is generated when, in the context of the […]


Building assets with ETFs in an asset management GmbH [limited liability company] as opposed to private assets (Part 2)

The effects of compound interest while building assets are mainly impacted by the tax implications. In the previous article we had a look at private […]


The decision to disclaim an inheritance should not be taken lightly

Disclaiming an inheritance is a move that could be considered not merely where the aim is to avoid personal liability for the deceased person‘s debts. […]


Building private assets with ETFs during a period of rising interest rates

The effects of compound interest while building assets are mainly impacted by the tax implications. This report discusses the consequences of rising […]


Employer’s obligation to assume the costs for spectacles worn while working in front of screens

In a recent case, the ECJ had to rule on whether or not an employee would have to accept their employer’s refusal to reimburse the costs for […]

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