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Government funding and tax breaks for electric vehicles from 2024 – an overview

In 2024, the German government will continue to make funds available for electromobility, although the level of the funding will be below that of previous years. Moreover, it will still be possible to save tax with electric motor vehicles. The graphic provides an overview of the rules that will apply in 2024.

Previous funding for plug-in hybrids and expensive new vehicles has thus been completely eliminated. Moreover, since 10.9.2023, only private individuals have still been able to apply for funding. Enterprises, trusts, corporate entities and clubs will no longer receive an environmental bonus for their company cars. 

Please note: In the future, all electric cars that are registered for the first time by 31.12.2030 will also be exempt from motor vehicle tax for ten years. Moreover, even if there is a change in the vehicle’s registered keeper this exemption will not expire. For example, anyone who acquires an electric car that has been registered for three years will be exempt from paying motor vehicle tax for another seven years.

Vehicle type Net list price Environmental bonus
purely battery electric vehicles & fuel cell vehicles (Minimum holding period 12 months) & leased vehicles with a term from 24 months < €40.000 €3.000 from the state + €1.500 from the manufacturer
Leased vehicles with terms 12-23 months < €40.000 €1.500 from the state + €750 from the manufacturer
Nearly new cars   €2.400 from the state + €1.200 from the manufacturer
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